30 Useful And Lesser-Known Pet Care Tips By This Vet

We love our furry friends so much that we wouldn’t even think of harming them in our dreams. So we always bring you the best, whether it’s trendy animal snacks or animal toys.

But have you ever thought about what if you can do more harm than good by bringing all of these best items with you? We bet you’ve never thought about it. So, tooTo provide some insight and useful tips on pet care, Dr. Hunter Finn, a popular veterinarian, here. Scroll down to learn more about pets.


“Don’t make her fat. ”


1. Show you her stomach
2. Bites / nibbles you gently
3. Stares and blinks slowly at you



“It shortens your life. They rely on you “


“My whole life has been a lie because this is the most perfect pill bag I’ve ever seen”


“Doesn’t that always mean they are sick or lack nutrients? If they eat too much weed, it can cause them to vomit. But the truth is, they probably just enjoy it. “


“The plants are extremely poisonous and can lead to kidney failure. Even pollen or water from the vase can be toxic. “


“Alcohol, onions, chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes”


1 year old dog = 31 year old human
2 years = 49

What about the 7 year old dog? 62

Aging slows down. 8 years old = 64



“We don’t know the exact toxin in the grapes and some dogs will be fine while others get kidney failure”


Make sure there is no xylitol and it is very high in calories


1. Recognizes your name when it is talked about
2. Guarding you or looking away while you eat
3. Prolonged stare at you


“Pig ears. Very fat. Can contribute to obesity, vomiting and diarrhea. Higher likelihood of bacterial overgrowth “


“Yes, they like the exaggerated, high pitched tone. But only if dog-relevant words such as ‘walk’ or ‘play’ are used. “


1. Start fights with roommates.
2. Pee outside the litter box
3. Tearing up furniture
4. Excessive maintenance
5. Sleep more
6. Overeating


“You smell secretions from anal sacs. These glands create a unique smell for this animal. It gives them instant information and helps them decide how to act. “


“Bones (raw or processed) and hooves. These wear out / break your dog’s teeth and potentially cause gastrointestinal problems. Remember, if you can’t nick your fingernail or hit it comfortably against your knee, it will be difficult for your dog to chew. “


The next year = about 10 years
Then every year = about 7 years after that


“These won’t always cause problems, but if they can be crushed, ingested and not passed on, they can be life threatening.”


1.Remove the stinger (do not use tweezers)
2. Apply baking soda / water paste and ice the area
3. Call your vet


1. Sometimes hyperactive
2. Always hungry
3. Drink lots of water
4. Lose weight


“Wet noses help your sense of smell and cool you down”


“Meat is the most important ingredient, so it has to be the best, right? Meat is generally about 70% water. So maybe it should say “water is the first ingredient”. Do not base your choice on this one marketing tactic “


1. Hire a primary veterinarian
2. If you are worried, don’t wait
3. Invest in pet insurance


At least once every 3 days. Make sure to get those back molars, especially since they are the ones that most commonly chew with


“The best way to avoid this is through prevention (oral is better than collar). But this product will help you remove the entire tick. Without having to touch it or leave your head in the dog. Prevention is better than removing ticks, because now this dog is at risk for many different diseases. “



“All dog feet smell… some more than others. Mainly by microbes like yeast and bacteria. If the smell gets stronger or your dog licks / chews a lot, see the vet. “


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