Anna Davlantes Show 1/16/20: Alaina Hampton, Snowplow Parenting, & Pet News You Need To Know from Steve Dale | WGN Radio 720

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Anna Davlantes Full Show for Thursday, January 16:

Today at the Anna Davlantes Show, Paige Glendinning from STOP 5G Hinsdale & Neighbors is attending the show to update us on the town hall meeting that took place on Wednesday night about the 5G rollout in our western suburbs. Last year, Alaina Hampton, former campaign worker of Mike Madigan, became a whistleblower and sued Madigan and the Illinois Democratic Party, which controls Madigan. She claimed he ignored her complaints about unwanted advances and aggressive text messages from ex-Madigan aide Kevin Quinn, brother of Chicago City Councilor Marty Quinn. She attended the show today with Communication Strategy Advisor Joanna Klonsky to share her story, how she overcame the trauma of the case and her future plans to help other victims of workplace abuse. Dr. Chicago Tribune’s John Duffy and Heidi Stevens discuss “snowplow parenting” and how to talk to your children about non-compliant issues. Renowned pet expert Steve Dale also shares the latest news in the pet world.

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