Baby food urgently recalled after fears they could contain ‘killer’ apple stalks in food agency blunder

POPULAR baby foods are being desperately recalled over fears that they could contain “deadly” apple stalks.

It comes after a bug saw the “unsafe” products returned to supermarkets across the country following a recall months ago.

A Cow & Gate granola baby formula is being recalled because it is feared it could pose a choking hazard


A Cow & Gate granola baby formula is being recalled because it is feared it could pose a choking hazardThe two products are being recalled because they may contain apple stalks


The two products are being recalled because they may contain apple stalks

Parents were told not to feed their little ones Aptimal Oats or Cow & Gate cereal, both made by Nutricia of Dublin, as they could contain apple stalks that could choke babies.

Now, on nationwide alert, the Food Standards Agency has admitted that the products – Cow & Gate My First Muesli 10+ months and Aptamil Oats, Raisin & Apple Bircher Muesli 10+ months – were originally released in January following a warning .

An FSA statement said: “Nutricia is recalling Cow & Gate and Aptamil Muesli products because some packages were found to contain pieces of apple stalk.

“The presence of apple stalks creates a choking hazard for babies, making these products unsafe to eat.

The baby food was


The baby food was “mistakenly” returned to the stores.

“This is an update to the recall of the same products on 1/15/2021 as two of the products were incorrectly re-released.”

Cow & Gate packs are sold in most major supermarkets so parents are encouraged to look for the product on their shelves.

A description of the Cow & Gate granola on the product label states that it will “help your little one discover new textures by introducing different sized pieces of fruit and grain”.

Your product recall rights

Product recalls are an important means of protecting consumers from dangerous goods.

When a recall involves a branded product, the manufacturer usually has primary responsibility for the recall.

However, it is often left to the supermarkets to notify customers when products could endanger them.

If you are concerned about the safety of any product you own, always check the manufacturer’s website to see if a security advisory has been issued.

When it comes to equipment and not just groceries, you – the customer – usually have to register the equipment with the manufacturer as if you were unable to contact them to notify you of an error.

If you find that an item you own has been recalled or has been given a security notice, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

They should usually provide you with additional information and a contact number on the security advisory.

In some cases, the manufacturer may ask you to return the item for a full refund or arrange for the faulty product to be picked up.

There should be no charge for recall operations such as repairs, replacements, or picking up the recalled item.

A warning from the FSA adds, “POS notices will appear in all retail stores that sell these products.

“These notices explain to customers why these products are being recalled and what to do when they purchase these products.”

“If you bought the above products, do not feed them to your baby.

“Instead, return them to the store they were purchased from, with or without a receipt, for a full refund.”


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