Big cat news: Lorry driver ‘spots’ wild beast crossing M56 behind Chester Costco | UK | News

The trucker named Dom told Puma Watch North Wales that he saw the beast cross the driveway behind the Costco store near Ellesmere Port at around 2am on April 5th with “very large legs and paws and a long bushy tail.” “. The incident is only the latest of several sightings in the region over the past year.

Eyewitnesses have reported big cats sneaking around Ince Marshes, Whitby Park, and Chester.

An Uber Eats courier claimed to have come across a large cat that resembled a puma last December on Chester Meadows.

He told Puma Watch, “I was out on my bike and was coming back to town after delivering McDonald’s to someone when I spotted a huge big cat in the meadows across the river.

“I stopped to take a picture and tried to yell at a dog handler nearby, but they couldn’t hear me.

“He crept along the edge of the tall grass and then disappeared into the undergrowth.

“But it was absolutely massive, like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

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The “big cats” are said to have either been freed from illegal collections or fled from zoos.

There is only one native species of cat in Britain: the Scottish wildcat.

About the size of a house cat, it lives in tiny, dwindling numbers exclusively in the Scottish Highlands.

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