Camp Bow Wow back to work pet care tips

HOUSTON (CW39) – National Pet Day is the weekend and Camp Bow Wow, the largest pet company in the United States, shares tips on how pets and their people can lead full lives. It is the reopening time and many are returning to the office, leaving their trusty furry colleague behind. Here are some tips that Camp Bow Wow says can help dogs get back to work:

• • Stop by and say hello

Try to get a family member to walk your pet during the day, play with them, and give them fresh water and food. Even just swinging by for a few minutes will break the monotony your pet may feel when the family is away. Home Buddies, the home care franchise at Camp Bow Wow, offers dog walks as one of its many components.

• Brain Puzzle Toys

Because dogs can lose interest in toys pretty quickly, offer interactive toys. Engage Fido with the “Tornado” – a dog toy that challenges Fido mentally and physically as he searches for the hidden dog food, or let him play with the Kibble Nibble Activity Ball – a toy that hits Fido’s prey instincts while he finds it does the nose roll the ball to distribute goodies.

• • Sign up for the day camp

Take your dog to a local Camp Bow Wow so Fido can run and play with other dogs and interact with the camp counselors. Fido’s local camp Bow Wow offers a fun and safe environment from drop-off in the morning to pick-up at the end of the day.

• Dog sitting in the house

Contact Home Buddies, Camp Bow Wows home care franchise, to keep him company in the familiar surroundings of his home

• Stick to a schedule

The more you can maintain your home dog routine, the better. Go for a nice long walk in the evening, throw a ball in the garden, or just hang out with them for some time.

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