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I got a couple of letters and emails this week that read:

“Why was ‘For Better or Worse’ drawn and ‘Breaking Cat News’ put in its place? There is no comparison between the two. The cat stripe is silly and not worth the space it takes up in the Globe. “

On the one hand, my experiment worked to see if you were paying attention. On the other hand, not only did you notice it, but you also informed me about it. Some were not as diplomatic as the comment above.

So let me go back a little.

“Breaking Cat News” appeared on the Globe on Sunday April 2nd. It’s a brand new comic from Georgia Dunn. The inspiration for the flick came one evening when she tweeted a few jokes about her cat Lupine as a newscaster. Her friends thought it was funny. In early 2014, she launched a website for the strip. Then she published a book with stripes in 2016. And now their work is being syndicated.

For Better or Worse creator Lynn Johnston started this comic in September 1979. It got off to a good start and stopped on August 30, 2008. What you’ve read since then are reruns. For example, the strips in our paper in 2016 were originally the ones printed in 1987.

Like you, I’ve long been reading For Better or Worse, and I enjoy reading about the Pattersons and their three children every day. But I know how their story ends.

However, when I look at the longevity of some of our comics, “For Better or Worse” is practically the new kid on the block. I once suggested that “Prince Valiant” might have outlived its audience. It’s our oldest comic that started in the 1930s. Still, the comic you see every Sunday is not a repeat. Hal Foster’s creation was adopted by other cartoonists.

Read Breaking Cat News by the end of the month. If you don’t like it and would like For Better or Worse to return, drop me an email or give me a call. If you like the new comic, do the same. There is a third possibility: if you don’t like either, give me a few suggestions.

By the way, thank you for noticing the change and for sharing your views.


Two long-time newsroom employees are retiring this month. Together they have been with the Globe for 88 years. A lot of history will go out the door.

Donna Moss our editor said goodbye on Friday and Jim Fryar, who worked here as a sports journalist, editor and page designer, will be spending his last midnight pages reviewing pages on April 15th.

We will miss them both.

Carol Stark is the editor of the Globe. Your email address is [email protected]

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