CAT FRIDAY: LIL BUB is now the most successful cat on the planet, and other cat news

If you blink in the world of internet cats, you are about to miss something. This week, we are here to bring readers up to speed on some of the best and most interesting cat news that has gone viral on the internet. On a cool, rainy afternoon, there aren’t many better things we can think of than browsing the internet and looking at cute, weird, and funny cat-related, time-wasting content that is mind stimulating. Let’s begin!

Last Tuesday, September 3rd, was probably one of the most important days in history when cats became famous thanks to the power of the internet. On this day one of the most popular internet cats in the world, LIL BUBwas the first cat to have its own documentary, book and talk show. On Tuesday, also known as GOOD JOB BUB DAY, she debuted on her online talk show to complete BUB’s perfect trifecta. Take that, pop stars, actresses, models, fashion designers. BUB is waaay cooler and waaay cuter.

Thanks to GOOD JOB BUB DAYEveryone can enjoy BUB’s epic film, Lil Bub & Friendz, which originally screened at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. Get BUB’s book, Lil BUB’s Lil Book: The Extraordinary Life of the Most Amazing Cat on the Planet here and watch the first episode of her show with Whoopi Goldberg below!

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In related news last weekend, the hosted the Second annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the Minneapolis State Fair, where cat history was made, as BUB and equally famous Grumpy cat met face to face for the first time. Check out the highlights of the event on Catsparella and crazy / cute / weird photos on Buzzfeed.

Photo of BUB and Grumpy from

Finally, we bring you the weirdest cat thing we’ve ever found. The CATleidoscope.

Happy Cat Friday!

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