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George Harman and his colleagues discovered the kittens while they were working at the former restaurant in Cane End, Reading, Berks, last week.

At the end of the day, the builders were conducting checks on the building, which they were due to demolish in a few hours, when they heard tiny screams from inside.

They set out to find the source of the noise and were shocked to see a black kitten crying for its mother as they peered down a hole in the floorboards.

The team set about carefully cutting and removing planks and eventually came across two more stranded kittens.

Adorable pictures and videos show the tiny creatures covered in debris and cobwebs after the three-hour rescue mission.

George Harman, Project Manager at Bellwood Homes said, “The third kitten was the challenge.

“We had heard more screams in the room, but then there was silence. When it started crying again, we managed to trace the noise back to a bay window.

“We kept removing more floors, but we still couldn’t see a kitten anywhere. We could still hear the screams and then we found they were coming from inside the wall.

“We started removing each block by hand, gently tapping the blocks with a hammer to loosen them without disturbing the kitten or feeling uncomfortable.

“We removed a total of 10 concrete blocks and found that a third kitten somehow got into the void of the building.

The kittens appeared to be in pretty bad shape and had lots of eyes.

“They were covered in cobwebs, dirt and dust, and so small you could feel every bone in their bodies. I can only imagine that they were starving hungry.”

The kittens mother was nowhere to be seen, so George took her to the Blue Cross Rehabilitation Center in Lewknor, Oxon.

The kittens were so young that they initially needed around the clock care, bottle-feeds every four hours, and went to the bathroom in their mother’s absence.

Now, at five weeks of age, the trio called Bill, Elle and Beatrix are getting stronger every day and will move into new homes when they are old enough.

Laura Smart, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Lewknor, looked after the kittens in her home.

She said, “When they came to us, they had to be fed every four hours. One of the kittens, Elle, had a really bad eye that was sticky and ulcerated.

“After a lot of TLC, they all get stronger day by day. Elle is very loving and cuddly and loves to lie on her back and fall asleep. Bill is very confident and loves to explore.

“He walks around my house like he owns it while Beatrix is ​​really cute – she manages to fall asleep in my hand.”

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