Cat news: Cat loses its tail after being ‘SWUNG round like a helicopter’ | Nature | News

The extent of her injuries wasn’t discovered until her owner Evelyn Rayner, 31, took her to the vet with a swollen tail.

Ms. Rayner said, “The vet showed me the x-rays and said this was not an accident – it was intentional.

“When he said that, I was just starting to cry.

“He confirmed that someone purposely picked her up and tossed her around until her tail came off her spine – we’re lucky she can walk.

“It could have been a random person, a neighbor, a child – but they did it for a while.”

Pumpkin’s injuries were so severe that her tail had to be removed – she had a large scar.

Ms. Rayner said, “It is a long road to recovery, two weeks for the stitches to be removed and months for your nerve endings to heal.”

“The way I walk down the street has changed. I’ve lost my trust in everyone. It could have been anyone.”

Ms. Rayner, a mother of one, believes the pumpkin friendly nature may have left her vulnerable to attack.

She has decided to keep the cause of Pumpkin’s injury a secret from her eight-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.

Ms. Rayner of Oulton Broad, Norfolk, said: “Pumpkin is very friendly but doesn’t go far from the house because she is quite shy.

“Your friendliness could have been your downfall – it probably went straight to the person.”

The RSPCA is investigating the incident and has asked anyone with information to contact them.

A spokesman said: “It is horrible to believe that someone has deliberately wielded a cat by the tail.

“It is totally unacceptable to treat a cat in this way and we would urge anyone with information on who did this to Pumpkin to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

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