Cat news: Firefighters rescue tiny kitten after it got stuck in a traffic cone | Nature | News

A stray black kitten pinned its head in a safety cone on the side of the road in China. The viral video starts with the kitten completely trapped in the cone with only its fluffy head sticking up. Fortunately, firefighters came to the rescue and carefully cut through the cone to free the little kitten without a scratch.

The adorable kitten went viral after the video was tweeted by Chinese newspaper The People’s Daily. The Irish Embassy in China official Twitter said, “Poor little thing … well done firefighters who came to the rescue of this poor, fluffy, stray kitten.”

Another person said, “Poor little kitten. I wonder if he / she has found a home. “

A third simply said, “Heroes” referred to the firefighters, and a fourth replied, “Firefighters, God loves them.”

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Most importantly, stay calm. When the cat feels tension, it may become even more anxious and climb higher or move further into a narrow space.

If the cat still refuses to move, you can get the cat back yourself. If you are trying to climb a tree use a ladder and make sure someone is there to help you if you fall.

If all else fails, give the professionals a call. You can call the RSPCA emergency number on 0300 1234 999.

Don’t call 999. The fire brigade will only come out on instructions from the RSPCA.

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