Cat news: Hunt for sick thugs who tied up kitten with tape to use as HUNTING BAIT | Nature | News

Fortunately, an attentive passer-by managed to save the animal from the gang of four to five men, all of whom were tattooed.

Officials from the Derbyshire Police Rural Crime Team sparked outrage among animal lovers when they posted pictures of the kitten on social media earlier this week in an attempt to track down the gang.

The pictures show the tortoise shell with the black ribbon wrapped around its body, along with one of the ties that have been removed from its legs.

The rural crime team said, “We are asking for help in identifying four or five males who had a small kitten whose feet were tied with zip ties and the body was tied with tape.

“These males also had a number of ferrets and dogs with them.

“This little kitten was clearly meant to be used as some kind of bait for the ferrets and dogs.”

The incident occurred in a wooded area near Unstone Green, Chesterfield.

According to police, the men were in their early 20s and early 30s and wore tracksuits.

One suspect had a swallow tattoo on his neck and the others had tattoos on his hands.

Animal lovers reacted angrily to the kitten’s plight, and many sought revenge on the gang.

One wrote on Facebook: “This is absolutely horrific. I am ashamed to be human with other people who so pollute humanity. I could cry.

“I would also like to bow down to similar atrocities – tape off the perpetrators and throw them into the sea with hungry sharks …”

Another added, “Oh, the law allows us to do the same with them.”

While a third comment was: “Some very cruel people in the world.

“I wish I could tie them up with zip ties and masking tape and throw them into a wildcat enclosure.”

One person gave a possible reason for the kitten’s handcuffing.

They said, “I suppose it would have been used for his 911 call to lure foxes or badgers out.”

The person who found the kitten has now given her a home and says she is fine and has come out of her shell.

Anyone who has information or knows anything about it please call 101 or Crimestoppers and report incident 326-200518.

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