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The rare female ginger kitten was named after the ancient warrior queen because her iron will meant she didn’t succumb to near catastrophic injuries. Veterinarians feared the four-month-old kitten would never recover if taken to a veterinary clinic after her head was crushed in the dog’s jaw. Although little Boudicca is in pain and near death, he has stood up to adversity and will soon be a wonderful pet.

A series of images released by the RSPCA show how Boudicca has recovered remarkably over the past three weeks since arriving in critical condition at the charity’s Putney Animal Hospital after being badly bitten in her previous home .

Joanne Elmes, RSPCA Putney Hospital Administrator, said: “Poor Boudi was near death and in a bad way when she came into the care of the hospital.

“She had fractures in her lower jaw and cheekbones and a bleeding eye. She was placed in a cage in the intensive care unit to recover. Almost all of her head, face, and neck were affected, so she must have been in great pain.

“After a lot of care, it finally made it and fortunately shows no signs of long-term damage. It is really amazing. She is such a special little survivor. “

Because her treatment went so well, Boudicca was transferred from the RSPCA Hospital to the Southall Cattery in Hounslow, where she continues to receive treatment. Currently, Boudicca still has a wire in the jaw to make sure it heals properly, but it can be resumed after being removed. Boudicca is a rare example of a female ginger cat.

Ms. Elmes added, “We were so concerned that she wasn’t going to get through, but suddenly she got better and she was determined to run around the ward and just be a normal kitten.”

Last week the RSPCA announced how it was facing a kitten crisis. She takes in three cats every hour, while unwanted pets are abandoned and have to fend for themselves on the street.

In the past three years, more than 90,000 cats have been rescued from RSPCA branches and centers. With the upcoming “kitten season” approaching, the charity is urging prospective owners to be cautious about making hasty decisions about admitting cats unable to cope.

Over the next six months, the number of bailouts is expected to increase in line with the number of unwanted litters born, leading to an overpopulation crisis, the charity warns.

Carrie Stones, RSPCA’s Cat Population Control Manager, said, “With an average of 86 cats coming into our care every day and a peak in abandoned cats reported to us this summer, this clearly shows that the UK is facing a cat Overpopulation crisis with so many cats ending up in rescue centers.

“We always urge people to think about the long-term commitment of caring for a cat and avoid making a quick decision about whether to take in a cat or a kitten, for example from family or friends or when buying online.

“Unfortunately we see so many litters of kittens in the summer months that have been disposed of like rubbish because the owners often made this quick decision and can no longer handle it, or the kittens were an unplanned litter and a shock for the owner of the moggy Mother. ‘

For all the attraction of having an adorable kitten as a pet, the reality is hard work and expense.

Ms. Stones continued, “There’s no denying that kittens look cute, but the reality of caring for them can be hard work, time consuming, and costly.

“We and other cat and veterinary organizations believe that the solution to this crisis is to neuter cats four months old before they can conceive and to avoid these unwanted litters.”

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