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A litter of helpless two-day kittens was frozen last weekend in an Icelandic tote bag that was thrown into an industrial container. The shocking incident comes days after a tabby and white cat was rammed into a backpack and then dumped in a garbage can. Such heartless layoffs put tremendous pressure on the RSPCA as it faces a Christmas onslaught of cruelty and neglect towards cats and kittens.

As the RSPCA prepares to break last year’s record with saving more than 2,500 cats during the holiday season, shocking reports have surfaced this week of the depths some owners bend over to get rid of unwanted animals.

The four kittens were only found accidentally after being tucked into an Icelandic shopping bag with a dirty towel and left in the factory bin in Handsworth, Birmingham. A woman who went to work heard their pathetic screams and alerted the RSPCA.

Animal collection officer Vic Hurr took the kittens to the RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Hospital in Birmingham for emergency treatment, but fears it will still be at the push of a button to see if they survive. The kittens are raised by hand but do not consume as much milk as the rescue workers would like.

ACO Hurr said today: “The kittens were apparently deliberately put in a plastic bag by a numb person and thrown in the trash can and either froze to death or starved to death.

“It is just lucky that the lady heard her cry and cared enough for her and found her still alive.

“They were very cold when she took them out of the trash can and they were covered in flea debris. It was a bitterly cold morning and there was frost on the floor so they could easily have died.

ACO Hurr added, “The caring lady then took them to a nearby family member and they did a wonderful job of warming up the poor kittens until I arrived.

“They covered her with blankets in front of the heater.”

The RSPCA collection officer calls for help track down the person who threw the kittens away, an appeal repeated by colleagues in Cardiff, where the black tabby was only found by luck as it also languished in a garbage can.

An owner looking for her own pet happened upon the cat when she heard her screams and immediately contacted the RSPCA.

RSPCA Inspector Selina Griffiths said: “The caller was looking for his own cat when he discovered that this poor cat was being dumped in a rubbish bin in a backpack.

“I could hear meowing from the trash can, and then they found the cat in the zippered pocket. The bag was soaked and smelled of urine.

“We would like to thank the caller very much for bringing this to our attention and all that they have done to help this poor defenseless cat that has just been thrown away like trash.

“He must have been so scared in his pocket, left alone in the dark.”

Last Christmas the RSPCA took in 5,429 animals, almost half of them cats. In December, the charity rescued 2,563 cats and investigated a total of 9,725 complaints. Of these, 1,748 related to abandonment and 6,772 to neglect, 2,130 related to cats.

Anyone with information on the latest dumping incidents is urged to call the RSPCA confidential appeals line 0300 1123 8018.

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