Cat news: Lost cat reunited with ‘gobsmacked’ owner after 20 years missing | Nature | News

Phoebe was found cold and wet in a field in Bridgemere, Cheshire by a woman who took the 22-year-old Moggy to her local RSPCA center.

The staff found that it was microchipped and were stunned that its owner Christine Ball lived just a few kilometers from where it was found.

And in an even more surprising discovery, they learned that Phoebe had even been adopted by her center, the Stapeley Grange Animal Center in Nantwich, when she was a kitten.

Ms. Ball told Nantwich News, “We were absolutely delighted when we received a call from the RSPCA saying they had found Phoebe.

“She went missing when she was only two years old. We think someone probably took her away and she got kind of lost because she always stayed close to home and didn’t venture far.

“We looked for them with neighbors all those years ago and published leaflets, but to no avail.

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Phoebe was allowed to spend two days at home with Christine and received a lot of love and comfort in her hours of need.

Ms. Ball added: “It was sad that we found her and so soon we had to let her go. But it was nice to have some time with her, especially since she really needed comfort during her hour of need.

“It graduated us and we are grateful that she reached such a mature age that someone else must have looked after her really well. We are very grateful to the woman who found her and brought her to the RSPCA. “

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