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When Norman’s owners found him in a fatal condition, they took him to the vets and were outraged when an X-ray found 25 lead bullets stuck deep inside him. Its owner, Josie Simpson, 22, said 18-month-old Norman went outside early Saturday morning and didn’t return until about 27 hours later on Sunday.

She told YorkshireLive, “We found him on the stairs. We don’t know how he managed to drag himself home.

“He couldn’t walk properly or move his tail and screamed whenever we touched him.”

At first, Norman’s owners thought he’d been hit by a car, but didn’t think for a second that someone had shot the poor pet.

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The family lives in the Craven district of North Yorkshire and has since informed the police and the RSPCA. They hope to raise awareness of the “sick” people who may shoot cats in the area.

Ms. Simpson continued, “The vet said it was the worst thing she had seen in her career.

“My father thinks it was a double barrel shotgun because there were so many pellets. There were so many of them and they were all over his body. He is lucky to be alive. “

Norman had to stay with the vet until Monday so they could monitor his condition. They couldn’t remove seven of the pellets because they were so deep inside him. They also decided to leave some of the pellets in his tail, as removing those pellets could cause further nerve damage.

Ms. Simpson said, “The shock only really started when we saw him the next day with his hair shaved and all his wounds.”

The family now has to decide whether to remove the pellets or amputate Norman’s tail.

“It’s worrying that you could do that to someone else’s pet. He’s not a fox and he’s not very threatening, so we’re confused about who would have shot him.”

Norman’s claws were worn, leading the family to believe he was trapped somewhere and was trying to escape.

The family has since discovered that three more cats have disappeared in the area in the past six months. Ms. Simpson concluded, “Those three other cats could have been stolen, but now there is a possibility that someone is out there and he or she is ready to use a weapon on a defenseless animal.”

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