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Miraculously, the sharp spikes missed all of Skittles’ vital organs and arteries, so the vets could begin the delicate process of cutting him free and on his way to recovery.

Today veterinary charity PDSA released a new picture of Skittles showing the pet was showing no signs of torture when it was revealed that it was nominated for the prestigious award.

Owner Shanakei Forde, 27, says she suggested Skittles’ name for the PDSA Pet Survivor Award to recognize the remarkable efforts of everyone who saved his life.

Images of cones being cleared of the railings went viral after he was rescued near his home in Cricklewood, north London earlier this year.

WARNING – These images may be distracting to some viewers

Ms. Forde said: “When I saw the pictures, I couldn’t believe my eyes that it was him.

“It was so shocking. It’s a miracle he survived and was still vigilant despite three poles.

“He’s recovered so incredibly – you wouldn’t know anything happened to him now.

“He’s a tough cat, but we’re pretty sure he’s lost at least one of his nine lives.

“We are adding him to PDSA Pet Survivor to thank everyone who has helped him rescue and recover.”

After the London Fire Brigade firefighters managed to cut cones from a section of an eight-foot railing, they carefully took it to a nearby veterinarian with the hollow metal bars still in place for surgery to remove.

Skittles was later taken to the RSPCA in Putney to be reunited with his owner before being taken to the Hendon PDSA Pet Hospital for further surgery and follow-up treatment.

The bravery of the pets, the dedication of the owners and the professionalism of the veterinary staff are recognized in the famous annual award of the PDSA, which is decided by public vote.

PDSA veterinarian Olivia Anderson-Nathan said: “Every day, dedicated veterinary teams save lives and help our beloved pets get back on their paws after serious injuries and illnesses.

“The PDSA Pet Survivor Awards recognize those extraordinary stories that capture a pet’s fighting spirit, the dedication of its owner, and the expertise and skills of the veterinarians involved.

“We welcome entries about death defying stories of bravery and determination to realize the important place our pets have in our lives.”

Last year’s winner was a happy spaniel named Darcy from Dundee who sustained terrible injuries after falling 60 feet from a dam, but made an amazing recovery.

The 2018 title is open to all pets treated by a UK veterinarian for a life-threatening illness or injury between January 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.

Pet owners who want to nominate their pet can register online at

The closing date for entries is Sunday, September 9, 2018, midnight.

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