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RSPCA inspector Beth Boyd crawled through the tangle of clumps to reach the frightened tabby who had not been able to drink or eat for days. Even when she finally managed to catch the dehydrated animal, its head was wedged so tightly in the jar that it took veterinary help and a tremendous struggle to get the pet out of a cucumber. Video released by the RSPCA shows the dramatic moments when the cat Lulu was finally rescued from her plight.

Inspector Boyd went to Lulu’s aid when a member of the public discovered the affected creature prowling through the undergrowth near Woodwards Close, Walsall. Her head was deep in a glass that was used for candles.

It was feared that she had been trapped for several days and was unable to drink, feed, or clean herself.

When the first attempts to get the car out of hiding stalled, the inspector had no choice but to crawl through the bushes and get Lulu to safety.

Even then, there was still a fight to save her life.

Inspector Boyd declared, “Poor Lulu was in one of those pickles. It seems like the curious cat looked for the jar, which looks like one used to hold a candle, and then couldn’t remove it from its head.

“Because she was like this for days, she couldn’t eat or drink and was very dehydrated. If we hadn’t caught her when we did, she could have died. “

After her capture, Lulu was taken to the RSPCA’s Newbrook Farm Animal Center, where she was seen by veterinarians once she was finally released and caught on film.

Inspector Boyd added, “It was so nice to see her remove the glass. As you can see on the video, she looked quite shocked by her ordeal, but she is fine now and will be looking for a new home soon. “

Lulu’s owner was tracked down and the pet was signed with the RSPCA to be accepted by the charity’s Blackberry Farm Animal Center in Aylesbury.

Her online adoption details describe why she will make a loving pet.

“Lulu came to us for welfare reasons, but is now ready to find a loving new home,” explains the profile. “Lulu can worry if she’s a little scary at first and freezes if she isn’t sure if it’s a new environment or a new person, but she begins to relax over time.

“Once settled, she’s a loving girl who purrs and drips when she stirs up the excitement and is always ready to accept more.

“Because of her long coat, she needs regular grooming, which she absolutely loved here in the middle. So it shouldn’t be a problem to keep all of her fur nice every day.”

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