Company offers pet care tips amid covid19

News Narissa Fraser Tuesday April 28, 2020A dog wearing a mask. Photo sent by the Pet Food Institute. – –

The covid19 pandemic has not only changed the lifestyle and daily routines for humans, but also for their pets. Because of this, the Pet Food Institute (Caribbean) has listed some tips and precautions that pet owners can use.

In a press release on Monday, the company said, “While that extra time appears as the cat’s meow, it can zap the excitement that comes with a daily routine of eating rituals, end-of-work greetings, and a walk around the park’s meeting with others Dogs and the people who bring them. “

It was suggested to set up a schedule for the animals: play, eat, sleep, repeat … or whatever order is preferred.

“You can hide goodies in your home, practice new commands, or play fetch. It is important to stimulate your pet’s mental and physical movement. “

It was said that a plan should also be made in case an owner has a medical emergency. It has been suggested to write the pet’s veterinary information and dedicate it to a trusted family member, friend, or carer who can care for the pet during an owner’s absence.

This plan could include a sufficient amount of pet food and any medications or supplements the pet is taking. The more detailed the plan, the less stress an owner or pet will experience.

Just like humans, animals also need a sufficient amount of basic food. This includes food, water, toiletries, and medicines. One should have two weeks worth of these products.

And pet owners, like everyone else, must practice proper hygiene in the midst of the pandemic.

“Just as you would wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds on your return from shop or throughout the day, so should you wash your hands after handling pets.

“The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recalls that, at this point in time, there is no evidence that pets, including pets and farm animals, can transmit Covid19 to humans.”

“Enjoy the emotional benefits pets can bring to our lives during these stressful times and always have an emergency plan.”

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