Dog news: Adorable dog ‘inseparable’ from neighbour cat as pair enjoy walks and ‘yoga’ | UK | News

Sarah Hunt from Cambridgeshire shared cute pictures of the creepy relationship between her beloved Jack Russell, Springer Cross, and his feline friend. The 35-year-old said the bond came about 20 months ago when Benji was a puppy and was unexpectedly accompanied on walks by the black cat. The record producer said they have been “inseparable since then” and were often seen petting each other and jumping around in the garden every day.

One sweet moment shows Benji on a leash side by side with his furry friend.

Ms. Hunt said the couple got used to a daily schedule with the cat screaming for Benji and rubbing her paws on the door every morning.

She jokes that the couple then do some stretching as part of an animal yoga routine.

Usually an outdoor get-together follows during a walk and the day usually ends with a third get-together in the back yard.

Ms. Hunt said, “They have been friends since we took Benji for his first walk when we were four months old. At first she followed us, but only from a distance.

“She would follow us the entire walk, even if we were walking in March 20 minutes away. At first we thought she was interested in us, not in our dog.

“Then we started letting him into our garden and she jumped off the fence and started playing with him.

“They run around and stroke each other. That’s when we noticed that she was interested in Benji.

“He really loved the attention and they’ve been inseparable ever since. It’s in our garden every day.

“They got closer and closer with each passing day. Some days she stays in the garden all day.

“She’s always going to call every morning because he’s going to meet her and they’ll do some stretching together. I’m joking it’s her daily yoga.

“Then she usually sees him on his afternoon stroll, but if she doesn’t catch him, she comes into the garden in the evening to get Benji.”

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“All of our neighbors only saw her outside, so we don’t know where she came from.

“We’ll just call her Black Cat for now. However, Benji recognizes this name perfectly. Whenever we mention her name, he perks up his ears and looks for her.

“We sometimes leave goodies and food for her, but we don’t do it every day because when she has a home we don’t want her to leave this family.

“If she turns out to be a stray, we’d love to take her into our home.”

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