Dog news: Brave Labrador saves owner from rattlesnake in heroic near-fatal fight | World | News

Alex Loredo, 18, was bringing the laundry to his family home in San Diego when he heard a rattle under the outside table. He said his “heart just fell” when he saw the deadly snake waiting.

But before he knew it, his seven-year-old Labrador Marley had come to the rescue.

Mr. Loredo told NBC San Diego, “Before I could even turn around, Marley ran out the door, pushed me out of the way, and got between the line and me.

“My heart just fell. My first thought was, ‘Oh no, I’m going to lose my best friend.’

The snake sank its fangs into Marley’s tongue and throat and then fled.

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“I was so scared and tried to keep a cool head and think quickly because time wasn’t on our side. I could call him ahead of time to check him in and the technicians would be waiting for us there.

“That was the worst moment of my life, not knowing if my best friend would make it.”

Marley was detained in the hospital for two nights and suffered nerve damage to his tongue and jaw. He is currently on medication and regularly receiving therapy to help him recover.

Since the attack, Mr Loredo has set up a GoFundMe that has raised over $ 12,000 to pay medical bills after the incident depleted his savings.

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