Dog news: Dog owners spend more on their pet’s birthday than their partner’s | Nature | News

The research found that 70 percent of owners celebrate their dog’s birthday each year and 22 percent said it was one of their favorite days of the year. 24 percent said the day had become even more special since the lockdown began.

54 percent of the gifts indicated that their dog would receive new toys for their birthday, 33 percent a new collar and 40 percent an extra long walk as a birthday present.

A gourmet menu, either handmade by its owner or specially purchased, is created for 39 percent of the pooches spoiled 29 percent enjoy a luxurious breakfast and 27 percent even receive a dog-friendly birthday cake.

31 percent of pets celebrate a happy birthday, 18 percent of dogs receive a birthday card and 11 percent like to sit down and watch a film about dogs like Lassie or 101 Dalmatians.

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