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Kofi, an 11 year old German Shepherd Dog, spent his last days doing all of his favorite pastimes including eating his favorite food and endless love and attention. He enjoyed long walks on the beach, a party with torn-up cardboard boxes, and a meal of steak and salmon.

Fiona Gilmore, Kofi’s owner, made the difficult decision to sleep him as his health was deteriorating due to his age.

Ms. Gilmore booked the appointment for the afternoon of April 10th and took Kofi for one last stroll that morning on the beach at Coldingham Bay near Eyemouth, Scottish Borders

In Kofi’s final moments, he was allowed to play his favorite game, Man Trailing, in which a vet was chased around a building.

Ms. Gilmore said, “I’ve had Kofi since he was seven weeks old.

Ms. Gilmore started letting go of her beloved Kofi earlier in the week. Then she decided to give him the perfect last few days.

She gave him breakfast treats, including duck on toast and venison, after which she took him on his favorite walks.

Ms. Gilmore wrote on Facebook that she had planned a visit to the Dunbar Garden Center prior to the appointment, which resulted in the surprise of well-wishers bringing Kofi treats.

She said, “I wanted to give him what he wanted.

“I took him to the garden center on Thursday, he liked it when people said hello.

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“I think he thought he was a celebrity.”

The day before the appointment, Ms. Gilmore had a friend in her garden in Dunbar, East Lothian, to hang out with and give Kofi as much attention as possible.

During the visit, Kofi enjoyed a sumptuous meal of steak and salmon, followed by a liver cake topped with cream cheese.

Fiona added, “We had a party in the garden, my friend brought a steak, salmon and liver.

“There was German sausage, we cooked it.

“He liked tearing up boxes, we just wanted him to be able to do the things he likes to do.

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Ms. Gilmore has another dog, Novak, aged two who she says has missed Kofi since he was knocked down.

She explained, “It was really nice that I had a date in mind and could do what I wanted in advance.

“We said goodbye with one last walk and a swim in the sea.

“He’s had a great adventurous life, we’ve done a lot of things.

“You got me through lockdown.”

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