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A police dog was killed last week after police followed up four suspects wanted in connection with the murder of Lt. Col. Ndawonde, the acting station commander of the South African Police Service Ndwedwe. He was shot last month. Two suspects jumped out of a vehicle and escaped into a sugar cane field. The other two collided with the vehicle and were arrested.

Police dog Simba, 12, and his handler, Captain Reeno Dayaram, were part of the group looking for the suspects.

While Simba tracked down one of the men and tackled him, the suspect reciprocated and shot him in the head.

The Dutch Shepherd died a few minutes later.

Another dog, Shaka, was also killed and a third, Duke, was shot in the head. Duke has been flown to Hilton Veterinary Hospital for emergency surgery and is recovering.

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“Simba had the opportunity to switch to work mode every morning when we left the house and transform into a playful baby as soon as we walked into the yard after work. My wife told me to learn to be like him because I was always focused on work. “

He said he and his family were devastated by Simba’s death.

He said Simba had received a number of bravery and service awards during his career as a police dog: “He was named the best working dog by the police for six years in a row.

“He was also honored with a Provincial Commissioner’s Excellence Award for cracking a major case in Richmond.”

Dayaram, who is waiting for his next canine partner, said Simba would be cremated. He said he would keep Simba’s ashes.

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