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Dylan, a 12-year-old terrier, was distraught when his owner died after signing Covid. Dylan was taken to a Dogs Trust Center in Shoreham, West Sussex, where he was cared for. Adel Burnett, manager of the Shoreham Rehoming Center, said: “Dylan was very quiet when he arrived after such a major change in circumstances that his life as he knew it was shattered and despite our best efforts to make him feel to feel as comfortable as possible Life in the kennel was just not for him.

“Fortunately, we had just hired a new caregiver for our home-from-home program named Andrea who was now working remotely and able to provide temporary care for our dogs.

“Dylan was Andrea’s first foster dog and he almost seemed to feel better kicking his paws in the door – devouring his meals and playing with his toys.

“When Dylan’s confident, sassy, ​​and loving side began to show, it didn’t take much time to find a great new home for him. “

Just 25 days after arriving at the Dogs Trust Center, Dylan was adopted by Alison and her husband Leslie. You have now renamed him Bob Dylan.

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