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Diesel, the mischievous Labrador, had four surgeries in his nine years. He was most recently operated on after his owner found he was extremely bloated. The owner of Diesel, Dr. Christine Emerson, told Cambridge News: “He was walking on a friend’s farm, where he disappeared for about 15 minutes.

“He came back very embarrassed and when we got home he was really swollen and didn’t want to eat. He’s a labrador, that’s really unusual. “

With his mysterious illness, Diesel was taken straight to the Cambridge Veterinary Group and operated on the next day.

The vets emptied the stomach contents and found that he had eaten a dead badger.

The vet told Dr. Emerson that they’ve never had to remove a dead badger and the smell was unbearable.

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After the operation, Dr. Emerson: “He recovered pretty well after that, but he just wasn’t his normal self and he stopped eating so he had to go back.

“He had an abscess attached to his spleen and everything was removed.

“He’s two weeks after the operation now and is much better.”

Four years ago, Diesel had an operation to remove a long hockey sock that he had digested whole.

Then, shortly after he recovered, the naughty diesel was brought back to the vets and they found he had eaten another sock.

Diesel’s family has praised the “excellent” vets that Diesel now drives with “Badger”. To show how grateful it was, the family baked them badger-themed cookies.

Many dogs will eat whatever they see lying around. Cleaning products, medications, poisonous plants, antifreeze, chocolate, grapes, onions, and more can make your dog seriously ill and should be kept out of reach.

Bones, rubber toys, socks, underwear, and baby dolls are just a few examples of items that have been removed due to constipation in PDSA hospitals.

Symptoms can appear a few days after ingesting something harmful. Hence, it is important that you contact your veterinarian as soon as you suspect something is wrong.

Never try to make your dog vomit unless directed by your veterinarian.

Additional reporting from Alya Zayed.

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