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Monty was with Last Chance Animal Rescue in Kent for most of his life, but had little interest from prospective adoptive parents. The eight-year-old black Lurcher is said to have had a “bad past” and a crooked back after being crammed into a box that was too small for him by the previous owners.

The abuse he has endured has left Monty with “trust issues” and Last Chance is looking for a new owner who can show him that “not everyone is bad”.

The charity said, “Monty has been with us for almost 7 years and is rarely asked.

“Monty has a bad past. He has a crooked back where the vets think he was kept in a box that was too small for him for a long time.

“Because of that, he has bad trust issues and needs someone to show Monty that not everyone is bad.”

“Unfortunately he is so frustrated that he hits his leg when he wants to see other dogs.

“So he has to wear a muzzle in public.

“Since his last chance, Monty can now walk with a dog in sight and not bark or hit his leg.

“He would never be able to meet dogs, but would love a home with someone who can continue his education and continue working with him.

“He loves to run and chase tennis balls, but he doesn’t know he had to bring them back.

“We’re looking for an adult-only family home with no other pets.”

Please visit the Last Chance website for more information.

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