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Bodhi has high ears, a ruffled neck, deep brown eyes, and a thick coat of white and brown fur. Its owner Meghan was often told how wolf-like Bodhi looked, so she bought a DNA test. She couldn’t believe it when the results came back that he was eight percent wolf. Meghan and Bodhi live in Wisconsin, USA, where dog-wolf hybrid laws are complicated. It is legal to own a wolfhound in Wisconsin, but illegal in some other states in the United States.

Due to a history of attacks perpetrated by the hybrid animals, they could be knocked down if found.

Now Meghan knows that she has to keep Bodhi’s ancestors a secret. Wired reports that she said, “I don’t tell anyone they’re a wolf because I’m worried about the reaction.

“Apartment complexes have the right to have their own rules about the pets they allow, and I don’t want anyone in the dog park to know they are going to kick me out.

“My dog ​​was invaluable to me during this time. Pets are so wonderful because they love unconditionally. Knowing that Bodhi has a wolf in him doesn’t change that. “

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The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) veterinary charity states that wolfhounds have become increasingly popular in recent years and are usually created by breeding a wolf with a German Shepherd, Husky, or similar breed of domestic dog.

The Direwolves, who starred in Game of Thrones, largely drove the surge in popularity.

The wolfhounds who played Summer and Gray Wind on the hit HBO fantasy show have reportedly received multiple requests from celebrities asking them to buy them.

They are wild animals and need a lot of space to fulfill their wild behavior. They can be difficult to train and require a lot more exercise than a domestic dog.

Wolfhounds are less likely to view people as friendly, so there is an increased risk of aggression or injury.

They long for the company of a pack and should therefore never be left alone.

It is legal to own a wolfdog in the UK as long as it is three generations away from the original parent wolf. Owning a wolfhound requires a license.

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