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Molly was adopted by Yvonne Porter, 57, who fell in love with the pup after her mother passed away in 2012. The West Midlands woman was one of thousands who competed to rescue the puppy, who was taken in by an animal rescue organization.

Now, after years of recovery and love, the dog has recovered.

Sharing her heartwarming rescue story, Ms. Porter said Molly helped her grieve for her mother and gave her something to focus on.

She said, “My mother just went to bed and never woke up.

“She has had a bad heart since she was a little girl, but I took her death very seriously and suffered from depression.

“I was away on business when my father called, crying. I thought my cat had died but my friend told me it was my mother.

“Molly was the best thing that happened because I had to focus on something.”

The puppy was rescued by the Soi Dog Foundation, an animal rescue charity in Phuket, Thailand run by a British couple.

At just six weeks old, Molly was covered in hot oil and left severe burns to her face and legs.

Ms. Porter told Birmingham Live it cost £ 700 to pay for Molly’s castration, injections, vet bills and transportation to England.

After five months of grooming, the bitch was flown to the Netherlands in 2015 and took a ferry to Harwich in Essex before meeting her new owners.

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Ms. Porter told Birmingham Live that Molly struggled to adjust after adopting the puppy in May 2014.

She said in 2016: “It took a lot of patience to teach her to walk and not run away, even though she may never be right.

“She is still very shy and is afraid of noisy children, sudden movements and especially bicycles and strollers.

“I think it’s the wheels that she hates – we believe someone at a street stall in Thailand threw the oil on her.

“Everyone said I was crazy to get a dog from Thailand and said it would have been a lot easier to get one from the Midlands, but I fell in love with Molly and she is worth every penny to get her here. You can spend £ 700 on a pedigree dog anyway. “


In 2021, Ms. Porter gave an update on Molly saying you can’t get the puppy out of the pub.

She said, “There were times when I thought, ‘Jesus, what have I done?’ I had never had a rescue and it was really difficult at times.

“She was such a scared little puppy. For the first two nights she howled so loudly that you must have heard her for miles.

“She didn’t sleep and ran around scratching herself all night. We didn’t get near her and she didn’t make eye contact with us at all.

“She was slowly coming closer to us every day and one night while we were watching TV we heard a scratching on the door and she just walked in and sat across from us on the sofa but still didn’t look at us.

“It was a big step and I could have howled! From that day on it began to bloom. “

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