Dog news: Puppy rushed for surgery after swallowing AirPods- owner amazed they still work | Nature | News

The hungry puppy named Jimmy terrified its owner as he devoured the Apple AirPods that were charging in their case. Rachel Hicks, 22, said her “heart was sinking” when she realized what had happened. Ms. Hicks said, “It was Easter Sunday and I was taking pictures of him using his first dog Easter egg on Instagram. He jumped up and ran around crazy, he was so excited and excited.

“When he jumped, he threw my AirPods out of my pocket and they fell to the floor, and before I even knew they had hit the floor, he ate them whole.

“He looked at me right after that and looked at me as if to say it wasn’t the pleasure, right? My heart sank. “

In a panic, Mrs. Hicks took Jimmy to Vets Now in Hull. Vets scanned Jimmy and couldn’t believe it when they saw the AirPods case was still intact.

Susana Jauregui, senior vet at Vets Now in Hull, said: “Our vet on duty that evening, Steven, X-ray Jimmy and the X-rays clearly showed that the AirPods case is still intact in his digestive system.

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