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The puppy, named Kevin after the Minions character of the same name, was born in central Thailand and was one of two puppies. The owners Somjai Phummaman (45) and his wife Amphan (49) have published photos of the rare pooch online. The footage showed the unique puppy spending time with his mother and brother.

Currently bottle-fed by his owners, he is said to be fit and healthy.

The unique puppy may only have one eye, but that is not its only abnormal trait.

He also has extremely large lips and an unusual piece of skin on his forehead.

The owner Somjai said residents came to see the fascinating mutation.

He said, “We hope the puppy survives even though he has a deformity. We want to keep him as a pet until he grows up.

“Everyone was enthusiastic about it and said that it was a sign of luck.

“People said he looked like the yellow cartoon character with one eye, so we named him after that.”

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Somjai, a government employee, was getting dressed for work when he noticed the puppy’s mother was sitting on his bed with two puppies.

He put her in a basket to keep himself warm and then noticed the extraordinary deformity.

It is still not clear if the puppy’s eye is working properly, as it usually takes around two months for a dog’s eyesight to fully develop.

Somaji’s daughter Parn said her family was delighted to have a newborn puppy with physical abnormalities.

She said, “We have taken good care of him so far. He cannot be properly breastfed, so we have to hand-feed him with the milk bottle. “

Some local neighbors who visited the pooch praised him for a miracle.


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Others have even used the day of his birth as numbers for their lottery tickets.

Somaji had “a lot of friends” asking to have the puppy to himself, but he wants to keep Kevin for himself.

He said, “Kevin and his mother are both healthy, so our family will raise them themselves.”

It is not known if the puppy will survive into adulthood. However, a “Cyclops” goat born in 2017 is still alive and was worshiped as the “Avatar of God” by the locals in India.

The animal had a single eye, which can happen during the development of the fetus if the brain does not split in two.

He only has a full ear, a real nose, eyelids and eyelashes, and unusually small and missing teeth.

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