Dog news: ‘Teddy bear’ rescue dog searching for new home after his owner died | UK | News

A loving dog was left alone when its owner sadly died. Akita, 10, is currently in the care of Dogs Trust Leeds and is quickly looking for a new home as he is struggling to adapt to life in kennels.

Kumar the Akita is described as “fantastic” and as one of the “most loving dogs” you could ever meet.

The dog is just the last few years and although too old for long walks, he still enjoys playing tug-of-war and strolling around the garden.

He was given a clean health certificate after veterinarians treated a growth in his paw. It is currently recovering from surgery to eradicate the growth and potential owners should be ready to continue to support that recovery.

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“A household where someone is there most of the day is very important because Kumar is very attached to people.

“He likes other dogs, but because of his age and arthritis, it would be more beneficial for him to live in a house with no other pets.

“Kumar is an extremely lovable dog and has been described as a ‘big teddy bear’ in nature by dog ​​grooms at the rehoming center.”

For more information, please contact the team on 0113 281 4920.

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