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Pollution in the city has been alarming since Diwali. Every morning Amdavadis wake up with a thick layer of smog. As winter approaches, it only gets worse as the heavily polluted air has no release. The pollution causes many health problems not only for humans but also for your furry companions. Exposure to smoke and smog has a lasting impact on pets. And while you have the luxury of seeing a doctor, your four-legged friend won’t. Taking care of your pet’s health can now begin. Recognize symptoms

Since pets can’t tell you when the air is getting too heavy to breathe, it’s important for parents to know when their pet has become bogged down with increasing pollution. Sharva Shah, a veterinarian, says, “Symptoms include redness of the eyes, runny nose, coughing or the constant need to clear your throat, watery eyes and difficult breathing. If your pet experiences any of these symptoms, it is advisable to take them to the veterinarian right away. “Sharva adds that pet parents should make sure they keep their pets indoors most of the time and avoid taking them for walks during main office hours:” Take your pet for an early morning walk. An air purifier at home will help. If your pet has a sore throat, you can give them a pinch of haldi at night. Pet parents can also steam their pets to reduce inflammation of any kind, ”Sharva says.

Your pooch needs special attention

Taking your pet for a walk is inconvenient in Ahmedabad, where both traffic and pollution increase, and it can affect your pooch’s health. Shital Shah, a parent of a Lab, says, “Pets have a very delicate system. Today pollution is dangerously high. We can wear masks, stay inside and avoid the pollution outside. Pets do not have this option. We try to work out a schedule together in which we can go for a walk with Joy when the traffic is less. He goes for a walk when there is less traffic and the smog is low. We have a garden at home that we make it work so that it can get enough exercise. We try to keep him in the house as much as possible. “Shital adds that it is important to have a trusted veterinarian whom you can consult regularly:” We have an excellent doctor who will help us treat him in a very mild way and minimize antibiotics or strong medication. ”

Actress Monal Gajjar says, “My Labrador Mickey is an active dog. We go for walks with him four times a day. We make sure that the early morning and night walks are longer than the afternoon and evening walks as there is less traffic in the morning and evening. “Monal adds that it is important to have your pet checked regularly and it takes time to see a veterinarian. While vehicle smoke is the most harmful, there are other types of smoke that can affect your pet as well. Says actress Deeksha Joshi, the pet parent of a Lab named Lolly, “Dogs are sensitive to smoke. If you have a pet in your home, avoid doing puja in the same room as the pet. Also, one should avoid smoking in front of them. “Deeksha ensures that Lolly stays healthy even with high levels of environmental pollution. “In times of high pollution, it is imperative to keep your pet clean and healthy,” Deeksha concludes.

A little extra precaution is needed to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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