Here’s Your New Feline Comic Reporting Service — It’s Called “Breaking Cat News”

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a special cat-oriented news agency? Don’t think about it anymore because Breaking Cat News is here.

The comic comes from illustrator Georgia Dunn and features a number of key geopolitical events reported by a crack team of cat reporters. The intrepid field agents Elvis and Puck, anchored by the stately lupine, bring up-to-date information on earth-shattering events such as the presence of a new plant on the dining table, a bee trapped in the bathroom and the mysterious appearance of sun rays.

While doing research on Breaking Cat News, I called Georgia to talk about the nuances of her fine cat show.

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Catster: Where did the idea for Breaking Cat News come from?

Georgia Dunn: It came about when I saw Lupine, one of my cats, knock something over and I decided to let him talk about what had just happened, how I thought his voice would sound. It seemed a bit like the voice of a news reporter, and in the end I illustrated the scenario in what became the first comic. I posted it for friends just to see on Facebook and Twitter and immediately some of my friends asked to see more of it. So Breaking Cat News really got picked up from there.

Is this the first comic on the website?

Yeah, it’s actually the very first flick I posted and it’s still there. This is more like a series of messages compared to an actual message.

Why did you choose to make Lupine your newscaster?

Well, he’s pretty much the cat! Lupine gets into a little more trouble than the other two. The real Lupine is actually deaf, but he’s incredibly curious and utterly fearless – he’ll sit in the shower with you while it’s running; It has already gone into the dishwasher and dryer. So Lupine is the bravest and the one who always examines everything. When people come to our home, he’s the one to greet them. He is super friendly and is all about people.

How did you choose reporting roles for Puck and Elvis?

Puck is much more shy than Lupine and Elvis is very accurately portrayed in the comic as Elvis – he’s really temperamental and he’s not a fan of many things.

Elvis covers the weather report too, right?

Yes, I want him to keep the weather, and I also have plans for the weather report to have a lot more coverage of him in the future, covering birds – how many birds are in the yard, or whether a robin or a cardinal shows up the yard.

What is Elvis’ most feared weather forecast?

He’s definitely not a fan of hail. We lived in Seattle where we got a lot more hail, but now we live in New England that he doesn’t have to deal with that much.

How does Elvis feel about global warming? For a cat, it will definitely increase the chances of getting sun rays …

Oh yes, I think he’d really look forward to more and more sunbeams, but I also think he’d be incredibly outraged about the other side of global warming. Elvis is really into any kind of conspiracy theory and getting to the bottom of the truth so he would love the global warming debate and find out what it’s about.

What Makes Good Cat News?

I try to keep the reports as universal as possible to cats. Each of our cats has their own quirks, and over time I’d like to bring in more of that personality – for example, Puck loves fabric and goes crazy with every type of fabric you give him, but that’s impossible a universal cat story. I want everyone who has a cat to read and relate to it.

For example, the one over bacon really lost weight. I think everyone who cooks bacon has their cat trying to be everywhere! Actually, this bacon strip is based on an old, fat Siamese we had as kids who got really crazy about bacon.

Do your cats bother you while drawing the comics?

All the time! It’s like they know. They are there from start to finish with the pens and brushes. I will say that all of them have become very good painter kittens. I make watercolor illustrations as my job and everyone has learned to leave the brush alone and not chase it so much. The problem will be that when I’ve scanned the strips and working on the laptop, they’ll be all over me.

Do you have any tips on how to solve the universal problem of keeping a cat away from a laptop?

If another person is bothering a toy on a string, this is the best preventive measure. They’re just drawn to laptops for some reason!

Does any of the cat reporters have plans to break out on their own or perhaps report less serious problems?

If any of them did, it would be Elvis. I think he’d be really funny for a conspiracy theory show. I might have wanted to do a fine dining spin-off, like a gourmet reviewer’s corner of what Puck’s business was going to be. But I think ultimately they will just be segments on the website.

What would be the ultimate cat conspiracy theory for the Breaking Cat News team to investigate?

I definitely think something revolves around why the food is not always available, why the food is rationed, why people only eat at certain times of the day, and where the food is stored differently. Also, I think other cat conspiracy theories would revolve around the mysterious red dot and exactly what the vacuum cleaner is.

Read the Breaking Cat News here.

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