Important Baby Care Tips For First Time Mothers

Bringing a baby is a very special feeling and brings enormous joie de vivre. You fell in love with your little bundle of joy since she arrived and wanted to take good care of her. However, a lack of prior knowledge makes it a somewhat challenging task. Every now and then, new mothers face a lot of problems. And most of the time, they are trying to find the solution to their seemingly endless problems on Google. For this reason, today we have put together some baby care tips that are sure to help you sail smoothly through this new phase of life and become a professional in parenting. Also Read – Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Can Make Your Baby Diabetic

Hold your baby properly

A young baby’s head is extremely flexible and weak. Even light pressure can seriously damage it. So every time you pick up your baby, make sure their head is on the crook of your arm. Also, support your baby’s spine with your hand. While holding your child, pat or feed them with your other hand. Also read – Ratan Tata invests in the FirstCry baby care platform

Provide skin contact with sufficient skin

Kangaroo care is one of the most important and effective ways to make your baby feel connected to you. In the womb, babies only hear your heartbeat and holding it close to your heart after delivery can be of great help. It can make her feel safe. Skin contact helps your child feel the warmth and recognize your presence. This can also relax your senses.

Don’t forget to burp your baby

Helping your child regurgitate is one of the most important parts of childcare. If she doesn’t, she may vomit or have indigestion. So after each feed, make sure to hold your baby tight and gently pat him back. Your chin should rest on your shoulder. As you tap, your hands should move from your lower back to your upper back. This can help her sleep better.

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