K-Pop Idols and Their Pet Care Tips

What could be nicer than seeing your handsome Korean idol be her adorable self? To see them do this with their beloved pet.

These days the internet is teeming with such images, but until recently the idea of ​​owning a pet in Korea was unknown. Koreans viewed animals as beings with a practical purpose – they were used to eat or do a job.

In some cases the philosophy persists. However, our young stars have started enjoying animals for their business – so let’s see how they look after their pets.

Koreans and pets

In the 1990s, Korea changed and with it the point of view of its people. They began to have a more stable income and developed a more open worldview.

Initially, pets were fashion accessories of the wealthy, clad in clothes and jewelry. After a while, the idea arose that a pet is a companion.

In the second half of the past decade, the proportion of Korean households with pets increased.

Even cats that were once thought of as vermin are now common in households. The general population became even more accepted as popular culture idols began to embrace the new tradition.

These days, a long list of celebrities, including Jaejoong, Hyorin, Ahn Jaehyn, and Kim Heechul, boast their adorable furry friends. In some cases, every member of a K-pop group like Shinwa and UKiss has a pet.

Learn to care

However, owning and properly caring for their pets is a bit of a challenge for our young idols. After all, they didn’t grow up with animals. Still, the media shows us that they love and care for their dogs, cats, or any other animal of their choosing, so everything else comes second.

The entertainment industry was initially reluctant to adopt the idea and was concerned about the maintenance it would need.

That didn’t stop our stars, however, mainly because pets help people stabilize people emotionally and give them unconditional love in times of stress.

So these days we can all see our favorite stars learning the basics of owning an animal and sharing their advances on social media. There is also a question of touring, which admittedly are not the best places for a pet.

Pets on tour – tips from celebrities

If celebrities are allowed to take their dogs on the street, they need to make some considerations. Here are the top pet grooming tips on the go.

Keep your pet calm

Pets live by routine, and humans can benefit from it too. Try to stick to the schedule when it comes to sleeping and eating times, using the toilet, and more.

If you find it difficult to keep your pet calm, visit their website for CBD oil for dogs, which is specifically designed for animals to help them through times of fear.

Make sure you have supplies

The worst that can happen is that you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and find yourself missing food, a collar, a poop bag, or something similarly important.

Get the essentials well in advance of your trip and double-check the list. Also, see a good veterinarian in every city you visit, just in case.

Check documentation

In many countries, crossing borders with animals requires veterinary records and proof of vaccination. Check in advance and make sure your pet can cross the border easily.

Vehicle safety

If you travel in extreme temperatures, do not leave your pet in an overheated vehicle. Also, don’t forget to buckle up and follow proper guidelines when flying.

Find pet-friendly accommodations

If your tour includes overnight stays in hotels, be sure to book places where animals are taken. Alternatively, check with anyone sharing your sleeping space to make sure it’s okay with your furry friend.

The bottom line

Finally, and that’s common sense – hard party routes aren’t pet friendly. In that case, every star would leave their pet at home. Our furry friends need sound sleep, food, and activity plans, and sometimes it’s better to stay responsible even if it’s heartbreaking.

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