Legendary mum creates cat newsletter to update daughter on important pet news

LONDON – Sometimes when you move away from home, it is your pets who miss you the most.

They can’t email or Facebook messages, they can’t use the phone – they’re basically just harder to keep in touch with, isn’t it?

Well, maybe not. Caroline Hatwell, a 30-year-old IT worker who moved from the UK to live in the US last year, may have found the perfect way to keep in touch with her cats – all thanks to her mom.

For Christmas my mom sent me this newsletter about the cats’ activities and every time I see it I’m speechless pic.twitter.com/eyvhZ764wf

– Ex-Patwell (@hatwell) Jan 20, 2016

Yes, this is a newsletter with updates about Caroline’s cat Pablo, specially designed by her mother Jan. Articles range from pictures of newly discovered sleeping places to an impressively detailed story about Pablo refusing to wear a bell.

“The context is that I emigrated to the US in 2015 and my cats are now living with my parents,” Hatwell told Mashable.

“I miss them (cats and parents!) Very much, so that should cheer me up.”

The Hatwells are no stranger to long-distance pet bonding, as they tested out a Skype chat with Pablo earlier this year.

Look, I used to come to Skype with two angels from heaven, @widgmo and Pablo pic.twitter.com/vqETve3t4R

– Ex-Patwell (@hatwell) December 13, 2015

Still, getting a letter in the mail is something special.

“I loved it,” said Hatwell. “I was so happy!

“And of course it was great to read all the major cat news too. It’s good to know what’s going on.”

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