Meet Breaking Cat News Cartoonist, Georgia Dunn

Storytelling in its purest form is an expression of real emotions for an audience.

Georgia Dunn has had a storyteller’s mind since she was a child.

Even as a young kid growing up in Rhode Island, Dunn knew she wanted to tell her stories through the medium she loved then: comics.

Reading comics, writing stories and drawing were her passions at the age of eight.

She’s been creating since then.

“It’s like a window into another world and getting lost in it for a while – it’s really fun.”

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Famous comics such as Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side were inspirations for Dunn and Columns for their discovery of the unlimited possibilities that comics had to offer.

Breaking Cat News – Dunn’s most famous creation – records the adventures of her real cats Elvis, Puck and Lupine. What began as a one-off project quickly found enormous support from friends and ultimately also from strangers. A timely retweet from ThinkGeek strengthened their following and paved the way for Breaking Cat News to become a syndicated comic.

At the time, Dunn had briefly returned to her hometown after she and her husband made the heartbreaking decision to sell their Seattle home during a difficult financial time. The unexpected revelation and support turned a stressful day into one of the best days of her life.

With a collection of 615 strips, Dunn and her feline friends have built a large, loyal following of readers who count.

Breaking Cat News was created as a web comic series in 2014 and recently celebrated its one year anniversary since it first appeared in newspapers.

“I am extremely grateful that all of this happened,” she said. “It still feels really surreal.”

Dunn now lives in Washington with husband Ryan, 4-year-old son Luke, and 2-year-old daughter Gwen.

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