New charges in L.A. accuse Hollywood-backed animal activist Marc Ching of making false claims over his pet food

Hollywood-backed animal rescuer Marc Ching is being prosecuted again for falsely promoting and branding products that he sold in his pet food store. This is the latest fallout from an investigation by the Times that uncovered troubling practices at his company and charity.

Los Angeles prosecutors added four wrongdoing charges against Ching after an investigation by the California Department of Health found, among other things, that his pet food was processed and stored in unsanitary conditions, said Rob Wilcox, a prosecutor’s spokesman.

“He allegedly made false and misleading claims on his website and on the pet food labels he used,” said Wilcox. He declined to elaborate on it.

41-year-old Ching is now faced with a crime count in which he practices unlicensed veterinary medicine, unlicensed animal manufacture and packaging, falsely promoted products sold, adulterated foods unlawfully sold, and falsely branded foods unlawfully sold two counts of false advertising.

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