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A selection of useful links for trade and industry, if you would like to be included here please send us an email.

  • Association of the Pet Industry

    The Pet Industry Federation is the new name for the Pet Care Trade Association. As an association, it now unites five professional associations under one umbrella organization. The association members are specialists in the pet industry and include dog hairdressers, pet boarding houses, pet dealers and manufacturers. We are the only organization that represents all the different sectors of the pet industry: together our voice is stronger.

    We provide industry-leading qualifications and training in dog care, pet retail, kennel and cat ownership management, and organize events for the pet trade. Membership in the association is a mark of quality: All of our members undertake to adhere to industry-specific charters in order to demonstrate best practices. The association also has a not-for-profit arm, the Pet Care Trust, whose goal is to promote the joy and benefits of owning pets.

  • Pet supplies retail association

    The PPRA is a division of the British Independent Retailers Association (bira), which means that our members are part of a strong and proactive community of retailers. Members benefit from receiving their own magazine called Pet Product Focus, and once a year we reward the best in our industry at the PATS show in Harrogate. We also work with trading partners to ensure that our members receive tailored and exclusive insurance deals.

  • UK Secretariat for Alien Species

    The Alien Species Secretariat is responsible for coordinating action against invasive alien species in the UK. We are responsible to a program committee that represents the relevant governments and agencies of England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Pro pets

    ProPets was founded by key pet affiliates to provide a strong common voice in promoting responsible pet ownership. Our member organizations:
    • Promote the responsible selling and care of pets
    • Provide guidance to the public on how to identify a good pet store
    • Highlight the pet industry as a source of free, expert, hands-on advice on pet care and welfare – especially for local government officials involved in pet shop licensing
    • Promote positive attitudes towards pet ownership, pet owners and the pet industry by providing quality information to policy-makers and opinion leaders on the key role these activities play in the social, cultural and economic fabric of this country
    • Facilitating collaboration between all like-minded groups in animal husbandry


    The Reptile & Exotics Pet Trade Association [email protected]

  • Association of the Horticultural Trade

    The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) is the trade association for the UK horticultural industry. It is dedicated to the development of the industry and its member companies, including most garden centers and other garden dealers, growers, landscapers, manufacturers and suppliers.

  • National Office for Animal Health GmbH

    The National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) represents the UK veterinary pharmaceutical industry: its aim is to promote the benefits of safe, effective, high quality medicines for the health and welfare of all animals.

  • OATA

    We provide critical business information including EU and world marketing data – OATA members can access the most up-to-date information through the Members Area. OATA members guarantee quality and service. These members practice a very high standard of animal husbandry, adhere to our code of conduct and bear our seal of approval. The aquariums and other displays will be clean and disease free. All fish purchased from an Eligible Member are healthy and well nourishing.

  • The pet charity

    The Pet Charity (formerly the Pet Care Trust) is the nonprofit arm of the Pet Industry Federation and will be their voice in the public advocating pet ownership, promoting the enjoyment and benefit of pets, and partnering with other stakeholders.

    The Pet Charity is committed to commissioning research that will demonstrate the beneficial effects of pets to promote pet ownership and increase the number of pet households and pets in the UK today. This research will help develop the charity’s lobbying and campaigning and campaigning strategies as it seeks to campaign to see more pets in schools, nursing homes, and under leases.

    The work of The Pet Charity is combined with a media strategy that positions it as a “go-to” charity for positive pet stories and is supported by a media desk and strong social networks.

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