Pet news: Britain’s loneliest degu has finally found love | Nature | News

Three year old Greg felt lonely after his friend Charlie had to be knocked down. They were both taken to the Blue Cross Rehoming Center in Burford, Oxfordshire, but Charlie had very serious dental problems that could not be resolved.

After Charlie’s death, Blue Cross introduced Greg to two other degus heartbroken in hopes that they could be set up. Greg seemed interested, but unfortunately the feelings were not returned.

Degus are very sociable animals and get stressed out on their own, so it was very important that Greg found a partner.

After a nationwide Valentine’s Day appeal, Natalie Curry read about lonely Greg’s struggle to find love, and took the opportunity to reconcile him with her own lonely degu, Sophie.

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Ms. Curry said: “We were looking for a new partner for our Degu Sophie, because she had lost her partner into old age last year and became depressed.”

Ms. Curry would not accept anyone being Sophie’s new companion, however, as they are looking for the “perfect match”.

After hearing Greg’s story, Ms. Curry applied to adopt him and he soon moved into her home. Ms. Curry says that “he and Sophie are very much in love!”

Hannah Wiltshire, Rehoming Manager at Blue Cross, said she was “delighted to have found a new love for Greg.

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