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The study found that golden retrievers are the most popular pets during a landslide. Researchers from analyzed social media and found that golden retrievers were featured in a massive 4.4 million posts over the past year. The popular dogs had lots of people cooing over them and received an average of 222 “love” responses per post.

The seedy bengal cat has been crowned the funniest pet. The distinctive leopard print cats are known for their cheeky demeanor and featured in 2.4 million posts last year. The mischievous Bengal received an average of 17 “laugh” responses per post.

The naughtiest pet was the Labradoodle, with an average of 79 “angry” reactions per post. The playful dogs are known to be extremely energetic and that brings a lot of damage to the home with it. Fortunately, Labradoodles tend to settle down between the ages of two and three.

Researchers dug deeper and searched animal forums for evidence of pet destruction and which breeds were the worst culprits. They found that dogs are far more destructive than cats.

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They found Staffordshire Bull Terriers to be the most clumsy breed, with one in 20 mentions of broken phones, plant pots, and glasses.

Unfortunately for Labrador owners, they have been hailed as the breed most likely to use your carpet as a toilet. Collies were most likely to chew baseboards, couches, and other household items, and Shih Tzu’s were most likely to dig out your flower beds.

Beagles seem to be the greediest breed as more and more people said they would steal food from your plate, tip it over and rummage in the trash can and search every closet. The study found that one in 15 mentions of food theft included her name.

SimpliSafe has put together a number of tips to prevent pet theft:

Make sure your pet is microchipped and the details are registered and kept up to date with a microchip database like Petlog.

Owners should take preventive measures, including making sure their home has an alarm system, that their dog is not tied up outside a shop or other public place, and that they can see their pet on walks.

Make sure your home is secure from the outside. Simple measures like entrance gates, motion sensor lights, and security cameras can really deter intruders looking for quick ways to steal valuable pets.

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