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GoCompare analyzed pet insurance offers from March 2020 to February 2021 to identify the most popular names and breeds in demand. The demand for dogs during lockdown has increased as many people spend more time at home. And it is French Bulldogs that are the most popular breed.

French Bulldogs are a favorite of celebs like Lady Gaga, Reece Witherspoon, and Hugh Jackman.

And the dog just beat the Labrador Retriever in second place.

The research also revealed top names for dogs acquired during lockdown.

The top 10 dog names during the lockdown were:

1. Luna (1,753 dogs)

2. Bella (1,492)

3. Milo (1,352)

4th Teddy (1,067)

5. Buddy (1,020)

6. Lola (946)

7. Coco (887)

8. Bailey (858)

9. Reggie (779)

10. Charlie (775)

The researchers also revealed the most popular dog breeds and the most commonly assigned names for each:

1. French bulldog (Reggie, 219)

2. Labrador Retriever (Luna, 142)

3. Cocker Spaniel (Milo, 105)

4th German shepherd dog (Luna, 59)

5. Bulldog (Winston, 55)

6th Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Luna, 55)

7th Short-haired miniature dachshund (Frank, 40)

8th. English Springer Spaniel (Archie, 29)

9. Border Collie (Buddy, 33)

10. Golden Retriever (Max, 30)

The top 10 cat names during the lockdown were:

1. Luna (416)

2. Milo (214)

3. Simba (184)

4th Nala (154)

5. Loki (151)

6th Charlie (146)

7th Bella (143)

8th. Leo (136)

9. Willow (135)

10. Coco (133)

The most popular cat names by breed:

1. Moggie (Luna, 314)

2. Ragdoll (Luna, 21)

3. Bengal (Robyn, 26)

4th Maine Coon (Clyde, 15)

5. British Shorthair (Luna, 20)

6th Persian (jam, 13)

7th British Blue Shorthair (Blue, 13)

8th. Siamese (Holly, 18)

9. Sphynx (Ru, 4)

10. Russian blue (Luna, 5)

Pet expert Sally Jacques said, “Since spending more time at home in Lockdown, the demand for pets has skyrocketed.

“While people now have more time to spend with their pets, one also needs to consider a pet owner’s long term commitments. For example, working from home gives you more flexibility in caring for your pets. However, in a post-lockdown world, there are inevitably more time constraints, especially when you’re back working outside the home.

“Another important consideration is the best type of breed that will suit your lifestyle and financial situation. Training your pets takes a lot of time and effort, so you need to make a commitment to supporting your pet throughout their life.

“We would always recommend researching the breed you are interested in and speaking to other owners if possible. Make sure you understand the nature and personality of different races and their particular needs in relation to what you can offer them. “

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