By sending a press release and / or signing up for a subscription to our service Get the word outYou agree to the following terms of use, restrictions, quality guidelines, and fair use guidelines.
Get the word out reserves the right to suspend or delete your account if it is believed that any of the following conditions have not been met. Get the word out reserves the right to delete content that complies with the following terms and conditions.

1. Accuracy

By using Get the word outYou agree to only post information that you know is true and accurate. You are solely responsible for the facts and the accuracy of any information that you submit for disclosure to Get the word out. Get the word out will use reasonable endeavors to correct any factual errors that are brought to its attention.

2. Acceptable content

You agree to only submit content that may qualify as a “news announcement”. That is, it is a new event or statement relating to the company or organization under which the press release is submitted. You agree not to use it Get the word out to distribute how-to articles, general information articles, white papers, or opinions. You may not submit any content that infringes the copyright or property rights of any third party, or that is illegal or objectionable. Publications must meet professional standards and can be deleted if not. You acknowledge that we reserve the right to edit the heading, subject, and text of your post to ensure that it is appropriate, relevant, and appropriate for the purpose.

3. Attribution

You agree to submit content only on behalf of the organization under which the publication is submitted. Content that may be considered misleading, by whom the material is submitted, or to whom the content is related should not be published and may be deleted or edited. When filing a press release, you must be the owner of the email that emails is sent through Get the word out.

4. Categorization

You agree to categorize content only under the categories that are relevant to the content. In general, we recommend that attempts to categorize content into more than five categories result in that content being reviewed and possibly removed. You acknowledge that we reserve the right to edit the tags of the post to ensure that your post is only sent to relevant people.

5. Linking and fair use

You agree not to add more than one link to any website in any press release. Overlinking solely for the purposes of search engine optimization is not permitted and is not recommended due to penalties that may be associated with overlinking. And our gremlins will look for hyperlinks and erase such transgressions.

Inquiries about Get the word out Content, including text, photos, video, audio and other content, or related to the use of the Get the word out Service should be directed to the director, We Promote Pty Ltd at PO Box 3045, Newstead, 4006 Australia.

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