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Ethan Janson is a 41-year-old sports photographer who has become a dentist. He is from Seattle and lives near Puget Sound in Washington state. He had noticed that the local seals like to sunbathe on his neighbors’ boats in the summer months. When the boats left in winter, the seals had nowhere to soak up a few rays of sunshine. This prompted him to tie his surfboard to a sea buoy for the month of October. He attached a waterproof GPro camera to the board and recorded every day.

The result is 3 minutes and 44 seconds of work and triumph from a bunch of baby seals that take cuteness to a new level. Freshly weaned from their mother, several seal pups between the ages of six weeks and three months try to conquer the board. The video is now available on YouTube and has had nearly one and a half million views since it was released on March 8, 2013.

Most people know that seals can be taught a number of amazing tricks. Their agility and ability to learn new tricks make them favorites in marine animal shows. In the wild, their agility helps them feed and avoid predators such as sharks and orcas.

While Janson’s seals discovered the surfboard by themselves, many people taught other animals to surf, or at least to hold the surfboard while surfing. There’s even an annual surf dog competition in Huntington Beach, California. It’s called the Surf City Surf Dog Competition. Other animals that have learned to surf include mice and rats, alpacas, cats, goats, ducks, and capybaras. On the list of the most unique water activities we have a group of water ski gray squirrels.

Tillman, a bulldog known for her skateboarding skills, also started waveboarding. However, the award for the best surfer should go to Ricochet, a five-year-old golden retriever. Ricochet not only surfs and wins competitions, she is also an assistance dog for disabled surfers. She’s also an active fundraiser for a variety of charities, including Patrick The Miracle Dog. She has participated in over 150 fundraisers and raised over $ 300,000 for charity. Ricochet also makes inspirational videos.

Whether you enjoy surfing yourself or not, you can’t help but admire the agility and endurance of its animal fans. Whether learned or just a new toy, it’s obvious that animals can enjoy them as much as humans.

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