Simple Pet Care Tips For An Injured Dog

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By Pooja Kaushal

| Published: Friday, December 19, 2014, 8:31 pm [IST]

Whether human or animal, an injury hurts both. The difference lies in the way both of them can cope with this injured state. While humans can express the condition in words, point out the areas of pain, and understand that medicine is the means to recovery, an animal cannot. An animal is like a baby to be looked after. So if you have a pet or come across an injured animal, you need to understand the condition yourself and act accordingly.

A dog is considered a good friend by many, and this makes them a preferred choice for a pet. God forbid if something happens to your dog you need to know exactly how to take care of an injured dog. Remember that in the event of an injury, a dog or other animal must be looked after while all safety precautions are followed for yourself too. Even the most basic pet care tips mention the need to take very precise precautions when approaching an injured animal. Below are some simple and basic pet care tips. These will be helpful to you before you visit the vet.

Simple Pet Care Tips For An Injured Dog

• • Call your vet: First and foremost, call your vet. You can explain the condition and get advice on what action to take immediately. Reaching the vet may take some time. In the meantime, it is necessary to provide the necessary first aid.

• • Proceed carefully: No matter how much you love and care for your pet, never forget that it is an animal. During times of pain, animal instincts come to the fore and you are likely to get hurt. Proceed with great care.

• • Snout your pet: If your dog isn’t vomiting, blowing his nose would be a wise decision. As an animal, the first line of defense would be attack. Avoid getting injured and sniffing the dog.

• • Never hug the pet: There is no doubt that when you are injured, you love your pet, but you don’t hug them. Tips for caring for an injured dog always recommend keeping a certain distance during injury times. And very important, keep children away from pets.

• • Slowly examine: Now that you’ve taken the first few precautions, it’s time to investigate the injury. You have to be very patient and very careful. Examine the injured area very slowly. Stop if your pet has increased pain during the exam. It is best to have an assistant at such times.

• • Invest in a pet carrier: If the injury is severe, it is best to carry the pet to the veterinarian in a pet carrier. This helps prevent the pet from moving around a lot, which can cause discomfort.

• • Have medical records ready: As a caring pet owner, you need to see your veterinarian for regular checkups and recordings. Keep all medical records in one place and easily accessible.

After completing the examination and treatment at the vet, bring your pet home. Now you need to be a little more caring than usual.

• • Provide adequate nutrition: When giving advice on how to care for an injured dog, your vet will make a special mention of its diet. A balanced diet helps in the speedy recovery and healing of injured cells.

• • Make sure you drink enough fluids: It is important to give enough fluids to keep the kidneys working properly. The amount required varies depending on the size of the dog. Your vet will guide you in this regard.

• • Give the full medical course: The doctor will dispense a specific dose of the drug that must be completed over a period of time. Make sure you take this course. Don’t stop thinking in between that the dog is looking good now.

Taking care of your pet is like taking care of a baby – a baby that will never grow up. You need to be very careful and watch out for minor changes in habits and manners. And when it comes to an injured dog, try to familiarize yourself with the smallest details of how to care for an injured dog.


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