This week in cat news

If you signed up for the internet for the first time today, there is a small chance you missed the news: Today is World Cat Day 2014.

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s cats.

From the keyboard cat’s adorable musical interpretations to the adorable sour look on the grumpy cat’s face, the internet can’t see enough.

In recognition of World Cat Day 2014, we have compiled a list with “This week with cats”.

Momo the cat takes an arrow in the face and survives

Poor momo. KTVI, a subsidiary of Fox, reported that Debbie Hayes found her little buddy, a stray she picked up three years ago, with an arrow in the side of his face. After a $ 1,200 surgery, Momo recovers while Hayes hopes to use the arrow as evidence to track down the culprit. Oh, and while Momo was on his exam, vets accidentally found an old BB gun with the BB still embedded in the cat’s fur. It sounds like Momo’s owner could use a cat tracker.

Coco the cat is in your yard hacking your web connection

A Siamese cat strolled through backyards in Washington DC last month and identified Wi-Fi networks in the neighborhood using a specially designed collar that came with a Wi-Fi map, GPS module, and custom firmware. Coco the cat found four outdated routers known for their easy-to-break encryption and four more that had no password protection whatsoever. Gene Bransfield, a security researcher, developed the “Warkitteh” collar for DefCon, a hacking conference held this weekend in Las Vegas.

Bonny the cat teaches the family about health care

Bonny had fluffy white fur and purred for her owner, Forbes writer Matthew Herper, when he spoke or sang. As Herper’s children grew up, Bonny taught them how to play nice, and when Bonny got sick, she taught Herper’s family the financial, physical, and emotional costs of illness and health care.

Cat Tracker sniffs out about cats’ personal lives

Let National Geographic animal voyeurs write about a new GPS collar that owners can use to plan their pet’s every step. It’s part of a new crowd-sourced mapping project called Cat Tracker, which aims to save the lower parts of the food chain (i.e. mice and birds) and provide additional understanding of cat behavior.

Cat exercise bikes are a thing now

Mashableis reports on the debt of domestic cat owners who raised more than $ 250,000 on Catstarter. I mean Kickstarter. One Fast Cat, as the product is called, costs 199 US dollars each, including shipping. The product’s inventor, Sean Farley, said the wheel was designed to give domestic cats the same amount of exercise that they would get in a more natural setting.

Grumpy cat is rolling in the dough

“This Week in Cats” wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the world’s most famous cat, Tardar Sauce, AKA Grumpy Cat. The Mirror reported Aug. 8 that the stubby, dwarf cat, and Arizona resident are valued in excess of $ 100 million, in part due to two book deals, an upcoming movie, product promotion, and internet fame.

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