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WCLV listeners love their pets – and they love the pet news, which hits WCLV every weekday morning at 7:25 am EDT.

Vote for your favorite story by emailing “[email protected]”. The winner will be announced on Monday, October 11th at 7:20 am EDT.

Your candidates from the week of October 3rd – 7th are:

(1) Rani, a Bhutanese cow owned by a Bangladeshi farmer and posthumously certified by Guinness World Records as the shortest cow ever, 20 inches tall. She weighed 57 pounds;

(2) Bud, a female Amazonian green parrot whose owners put her on a diet during lockdown in the UK after she became so overweight (Bud loves potato chips) that she fell to the ground trying to fly. In the meantime she has slimmed down significantly;

(3) A barn owl in the UK that fell into a bucket of molasses on a sheep farm and was rescued. Molasses is used as an energy booster for sheep and goats. Nobody saw the owl land in the bucket, but it is believed that the owl was chasing a rodent that was attracted to the molasses;

(4) Boji, a stray dog ​​in Istanbul, Turkey who has become so familiar with local public transport that he uses several means – bus, subway, train, and ferry – almost every day. The local transportation authority uses a tracker to check his movements, which is why they know Boji makes at least 29 subway stops every day. He now has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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